5 Simple Techniques For driveways kent

A. Less than totally and opaquely protected human genitals, pubic region, buttocks, anus, or woman breast down below a degree quickly above the best of the areolae; or

Harmful substance land use facility indicates the projected line enclosing the world of all structures and lands on which dangerous compound land use activities come about, have occurred before, or will occur Down the road.

Gate or entrance signal means a sign connected or adjacent to an entranceway of a residential web site or subdivision, which identifies the location or subdivision.

Freestanding monument indication signifies an indication earlier mentioned quality that may be mounted or connected to a large foundation or grade, and is particularly composed of a sign confront and an indication foundation. The base and architectural element has to be in step with the character of the primary construction.

This kind of ton shall have frontage on an improved public street, or on an permitted non-public Avenue, and should consist of:

Construction means that that is developed or built, or an edifice or constructing of any form or any piece of get the job done composed of areas joined together in some definite fashion, and features posts for fences and signs, but doesn't incorporate mounds of earth or particles.

That will help households with much more than two little ones, we're giving mom and dad the 3rd or fourth pass for free. To take advantage of this offer, you must apply by submit (y

Revegetation usually means the planting of vegetation to go over any land places which have been disturbed during design. This vegetation shall be preserved to make certain its survival and shall be per planting necessities of the city landscape polices as set out in Chapter fifteen.07 KCC.

Zoning allow usually means a certification, issued previous to a constructing allow, stating the proposed use is in accordance with the requirements and standards of the title.

Undeveloped land indicates a parcel of land which doesn't have an inhabitable constructing or in which the inhabited buildings occupy no more than 3 (three) percent of the full www.pavetheway.co.uk parcel place.

Purely natural or indigenous parts usually means all or portions of the parcel of land undisturbed by growth and maintained in the manner which preserves the indigenous plant elements.

The typical setback is definitely the mean or average depth of lawn (setback) calculated with the assets line on the developing. The common setback is computed along the full size of your house line, using a specified assets depth.

one. Provides a substantial environmental hazard and may be concentrated by dwelling organisms by way of a foodstuff chain or might have an effect on the genetic makeup of person or wildlife; and

Projecting signal implies a sign affixed to the exterior wall of the building or construction Along with the exposed faces perpendicular for the plane of this kind of wall.

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